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Architectural Photography with a twist
Much of the time architectural photography has to be as faithful a rendition of what’s there as possible, in order to give viewers an honest account of the characteristics of a building. With this, however, I’ve applied a bit of creativity. Not that it is much different from the original shot – it really was a dark, moody day – it’s just that I’ve tweaked things in the editing process to add bit of drama.

This is Urbis in Manchester – a place with a few meanings for me. For one thing, that is my home city, even if I am long estranged and firmly ensconced in Somerset – it is a given that travel is necessary for an architectural photographer. It is also the home of the National Museum of Football, and of course every Mancunian is a football fan, even if a fair few are misguided as to which team they ought to support. And it is more or less on the site of the Pendulum, that legendary northern soul club, which acquired mythical status in the 1970s. And I confess to being a lifelong fan of that music.

Hope you like the shot. Click on the thumbnail image to enlarge.