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Back to work – Commercial Photography

Getting the wheels moving again
A lot of things are now reopening and people are getting back to work in this nearly post-lockdown period.

Stephen Riley Photography has never actually stopped, because it was possible to continue with some types of photography without breaching lockdown terms. Plus, many types of business were very busy over that period – especially those doing their thing online. And this is one of the key places a commercial photographer comes in: photography is vital to show products that can’t be seen in the flesh.

So if your firm can use great professional photography for your products, in Somerset, Dorset or Wiltshire, do get in touch.

Architectural/real estate photography, for sales, lettings, new builds, presentation and more, is another key area I cover. Do get in touch if I can help.

Other subject areas covered: editorial, tourism, construction, industry, sites, digital processing, wall art/prints and more… (see galleries)

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