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Woodland near Bruton, Somerset

Lockdown Pics

Spring in Somerset
Inevitably during lockdown, photography subjects have been geographically limited. But that does not mean there has been a lack of things to gaze at and enjoy, if you care to look at your surroundings and see them for the fascinating things they are.

I have taken camera with me on some of my countless walks in and around Bruton over this period. Some of the shots I took can be seen on my website (LINK). We were, of course, only allowed to walk and not linger, but I allowed myself a pause here and there to fire the shutter. I’m assuming 1/250th of second is not too long a pause.

Naturally, in the circumstances, all the shots are from Bruton or countryside nearby, but I think there is a universality to many of them. One observer asked, when I posted one of the images on Instagram, if it was a photo of a well-known beauty spot in Greater Manchester. Brutonians will of course recognise instantly mages of the town itself. But some shots, particularly woodland ones, could be seen as typically English bucolic scenes. Some reminded me of Samuel Palmer paintings.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy having a look. Please do tell your friends. And if you would like copies for your wall, I can provide prints. Email me at the usual address – see contact page.