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Beating lockdown
As elsewhere, business here at Stephen Riley Photography has been quieter since lockdown, but it hasn’t stopped completely. There are still things that a commercial photographer can do in these strained circumstances, principally ‘product photography’. Enquiries for this type of work are still coming in. And that is not surprising, as internet sales have been an important feature in this period of lockdown, for obvious reasons – people are buying online what they can’t go out and browse for. So, images of products to post on websites are as important as ever, maybe more so.

And I am geared up for this at my Somerset studio (as I am in Bruton in the south east of the county, clients come from Dorset and Wiltshire too). Products can be dropped off, photographed and returned, with social distancing uncompromised. Working in my own studio, I can photograph products of up to about the size of a cereal packet (I normally do larger products, like furniture, at clients’ own premises). And this covers a huge range of types, from jewellery to tools to cleaning products to electronic gadgets to cosmetics and more…

If you/your company could use product photography of this sort, please get in touch: