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Well, we do live in strange times, don’t we. As I write this, in late March 2020, we are in virtual lockdown, with the dreaded Covid 19 virus lurking somewhere outside our door (hopefully). I usually, weekly, put up a pic and blog to give people a reason to look at my website and to see if they could use me as a commercial photographer. Such a gesture is of course pointless at the moment. But I still want to post something. And these circumstances are forcing me, like most people, to look at things differently. I can’t take on any commercial photography bookings, but I can still post photographs. And whereas they may not have much to do with my usual bread-and-butter work, they can still have a value: they can just be pleasing things to look at. And I guess they can still have some sort of commercial value, as everything I do which is not specifically commissioned by a client can be bought as a print. But I do think people will have their minds on other things at the moment, so I’m not expecting a deluge of orders and really I’m seeing this as a moment when I can publish images which I just happen to think look good. I hope you agree.

Stay safe. See you on the other side.