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A modern Claude Lorrain in Monaco...

Pic of the week in troubled times

Happier days…
I was at a loss when seeking a photograph for this week’s pic pf the week. I usually put up something that speaks of the work I have been doing as part of my professional photography practice. In that regard, I can report that the last job I did was a beauty-related series of before and after photographs. But enquiries have slowed significantly since, with many withdrawing from public life. But then, I have tens of thousands of archive photos I could choose from, of the kind I put into stock photography sites, so I could pick from those. But which to choose? What is appropriate for now? Last week I posted a pic of a guy (well, a manikin) in a surgical, germ-catching mask. I guess that was kind of appropriate, but what else?

In the end I guess it had to be something kind of random, something of beauty and or drama. So I chose this: the Oceanic Museum in Monaco.

And I suppose this is apt, because it speaks of happier times, when travel was easier. Indeed, the first thing that happened when I looked up the museum on the internet was that an image flashed up to say there are travel restrictions in Monaco and telling me to visit some other time. Well, I have no intention of travelling to Monaco or anywhere else at the moment – this was taken on a trip there a few years ago. I think it is quite a beautiful photograph: the magnificent building teetering on a cliff edge, with the dramatic sky and sea as a backcloth. It reminds me of one of several paintings by Claude Lorrain.

As regards my continued availability as a photographer: I will continue to work as long as I am able. If you and your company/organisation are muddling through this crisis and business as normal (sort of) is still taking place and if you could use a commercial photographer, I’m still here.