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Architectural photography - stairwell, space and overlaps...

Architectural Photography

Lived-in sculpture
Do you ever get that one when you’re wandering around in some large impressive building and have the sense that you’re walking around inside some massive art-work? Maybe it’s just an artist thing and maybe more sensible folk just get on with what they’re doing in a place and enjoy the surroundings while not paying too much attention to why.

In this particular building my eyes were pulled around all over to the various shapes created by fitments, stairs, levels and colours schemes etc... This particular moment, when I glanced over a balcony at a stair well and on to the space beyond, struck me as being like a colourfield painting – maybe a Rothko or a Barnet Newman, or a part thereof, or maybe something from the Constructivist/Suprematist era a generation before – a hint of Malevich. But then these are painters, and the greater sense overall was of being inside a giant sculpture - the essence of the experience is three-dimensional. The holes and textured surfaces had hints of Moore and Hepworth, while the colours perhaps owed more to Calder or Caro.

I guess those associations should not a be surprise, as this is a creature of the 1970s when those names loomed large in the creative world. Where is it? Oh, yes, it’s the Barbican in London. To my amazement, it has been voted London’s Ugliest Building. Well it isn’t to me – I think it’s wonderful, and I can only imagine that opposition comes from Philistine voices that aren’t happy with anything this side of a medieval cathedral.

But I digress – back to the photography. This was shot with a small pocket camera – I was in the place for reasons other than photography, but can’t resist taking a shot when what I see calls for it. Commissioned, I would obviously have had something more substantial to hand, plus a tripod etc. But still, I think the camera has done a decent job in what were extremely low lighting conditions.

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