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Valentine’s Day

Beauty in the eye of the beholder…
My photograph of the week this time coincides with St Valentine’s Day, so what picture should I post? I contemplated those clichés of hearts and flowers, but then went a bit further and thought, why not a gorgeous sunset? I know – it’s just as much of a cliché at the other two options, but what the heck, I have to post something!

Of course, everybody shoots sunsets – it’s sunset somewhere all the time, and everywhere someone is thinking, what a marvellous red sky, I must photograph that – and there are millions of them posted online, but here’s one of mine. I guess it’s a bit different because it’s shot in portrait format – the natural tendency is to go for landscape – but I wanted that wonderful sky and those layers of earth, water and atmosphere.

Where is it? Well I guess it could be anywhere with a west-facing beach, but it is in fact in Bali. There you go – a paradise island thrown in as well, free of charge! Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope it brings all you wish for. Thanks for looking.