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A Palladian portico...

Architectural and Commercial Photography

Someone once told me that as a photographer you start off by offering all kinds of photography, but over time you are drawn to more particular areas and these eventually become your specialisms. I have long since jettisoned wedding photography – didn’t enjoy it and it had to go. I’ve also found that certain types of enquiry come so rarely that they are scarcely worth bothering with; for example, actors’ headshots and private portraiture. I recently met a specialist portrait photographer and realised on seeing her output that I am so distanced from that kind of work now that I would never have the patience to recreate something similar.

I am therefore narrowing what I offer and will shortly amend my website to reflect this. These are the areas I will now cover:

Architectural photography: new builds, real estate for sale and rent, magazine-featured buildings, refurbs, historic buildings, hotels, B&Bs, camp/caravan sites and other accommodation, sites of special interest for tourism etc., archaeological, bridges, building sites, night shots, street photography, town/city/land-scapes etc…

Product Photography: images for websites and print media, from small to large, from jewellery to furniture to cars, commercial vehicles, boats and bigger… Plus factories, production lines, packaging, despatch etc.

Editorial: images for press and other media – news events, natural phenomena, public events etc.

Corporate: manufacturing, conferences, events, product launches, lectures, workplace activity, workshops, corporate portraits, team shots, reports etc.

Tourism: images of various sorts for the tourist industry, which is a major feature in the part of the country in which I am based.

In short, I am a commercial photographer and provide a rounded service for businesses of all kinds.

And I will continue to cover my usual geographical areas: Somerset, West Wiltshire and Dorset.

AND finally, for this week’s pic of the week: last week I posted an image of a Palladian frontage, and someone asked me if it was in Stourhead. It wasn’t – it was in Manchester: The City Art Gallery, home of some mighty fine Pre-Raphaelite paintings, amongst other things. So to make amends, this one really is in Stourhead. Hope you like it. Click to enlarge.