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New photos and information
The big news from Stephen Riley Photography this week is that the website has undergone a major makeover.

Key features are:

• The overall look for the site has been updated from its original black background to a nice fresh white one.

• The Home page has a new banner image, featuring Stourhead, which is just a few miles from the studio.

• The People section has been updated to focus more on business, editorial images and corporate portraits.

• The Architecture section has a number of new images, mostly featuring interior photography.

• The Art and Travel Photography section has seen the most change: a large number of new images have been added, along with info on how to order prints.

Do please give it a once-over and if you like what you see and Stephen Riley Photography can help you/your business, please get in touch. There’s the Contact page above, you can email – - or phone 0794 175 9877.