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One day my prints will come…
I sell photographic prints and have a wide selection available. Regrettably, it is impossible to show everything I have on here. So if you have a particular thing in mind, do get in touch. Clearly, if you are looking for views of a particular location, it will be a quick yes or no, but if you are seeking images of a particular theme or style, I can send samples that might meet your needs.

Also, you might find all or some of what you need by flicking through the pages of this site. There is an Art and Travel Photography page, with a range of different images, a News page on which some of the images might be suitable, and because I live in Bruton, there is a whole page devoted to the town.

As well as enriching your collection of an artist-photographer’s work, photos make great presents and home décor, and help create an appropriate atmosphere and sense of place in hotels, restaurants and other commercial premises.

Most are available as A4 (£29) or A3 (£39), including P&P to UK and EU destinations. Sizes are approximate, as photo sizes are not an exact match for ‘A’ sizes. All of my photographic prints are supplied as top-quality C-type prints.

All photographs are signed and dated on reverse.

Email for further details:

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