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My weekly post is normally a summary of what I have been up to in my commercial photography practice over the last few days. However, as well as the images I create specifically for commercial clients, I also take a huge number of photos of many different sorts, which are and always have been available to purchase. So I thought it time to follow a different tack and highlight this part of my work.

I take a camera with me wherever I go and so have accumulated tens of thousands of shots from around the UK and the world. These are always available as prints. Having taken so many and considering the countless tastes and requirements out there, it is impossible to post all on here for your perusal. A small collection can be seen, however, on the 'Travel and Art Photography' page on this site.

You can choose from there. You might also like some of the photos on the ‘News’ page. And if you have a project for which you are seeking a particular kind of photograph – say a series of semi-abstract landscape shots, images in black and white or sepia, or perhaps images of a particular place – you could send me an outline of your idea and I can send you appropriate samples. You could also commission me to create the specific kinds of image you require.

Please scroll through and let me have your thoughts:

My prints start at just £29 for A4, rising to just to £39 for A3, including post (UK and EU). Sizes are nominal, as photo sizes are not quite a perfect match for ‘A’ sizes. Please note, also, that this website only permits images of 700 pixels long wide. The original shots can be up to 6000 pixels long side - nearly ten times bigger - and so are much sharper and more visually involving.

You might also like to check out my Fine Art website, which contains other kinds of prints, including photographs.