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Somerset Art Weeks

Photography meets Fine Art...
A bit of a departure this week, for me – I’m not just putting up a photograph, but instead something I’ve made from photographs. And that’s because I’m taking part in Somerset Art Weeks.

Somerset Art Weeks is an annual event where the county’s artists open their studios for public gaze. My contribution to it will be mostly painting – I am a painter as well as photographer. I have a separate website for my Fine Art practice (, but it seemed relevant for this week’s photography blog to mention that too because I span both disciplines. Or rather, I regard myself as a visual artist and what I do can be in any medium that works for the idea at hand.

It is due to space limitations that I will be showing mostly paintings. I have numerous photographs I would also love to exhibit, but they will have to wait for another opportunity. However, photography does occasionally creep in to this exhibition, albeit abstrusely, and here is an example. This uses some of of my photographs and then abstracts them. It clearly owes a debt to David Hockney's 'joiners' - photographs cobbled together to make one fragmented, neo-cubist whole - but it also has more than a hint of 60s psychedelia. The original photos have been digitally manipulated to create this outcome, which is available as a signed, limited edition giclée print, along with a few others. All of my photographs are finished via a digital editing process, but they normally stop short of this level of creative intervention.

Do pop along if you can. I’m no. 70 in the SAW catalogue and am open 10am - 5pm on 21 & 22 Sept, 28 & 29 Sept and 5 & 6 Oct. I am also happy to open at other times by appointment – please call.

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