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Marble-Polishing for Bathroom Installation in Frome

An Example from a Recent Photoshoot

Commercial Photography in Frome
In addition to putting up pleasing arty shots on my weekly blog, I like to put up photos from commercial photoshoots I’ve been working on, and here is a case in point.

This was taken on a job in Frome. The client is Somerset-based firm specialising in the installation of high-end marble, for bathrooms, showers, patios and such. The firm was seeking photos both of the work as it happened and of the marble as it was installed. So I took two distinctly different kinds of photograph. It is the former that is represented here.

The company was keen that I caught the skill and craftsmanship through which the marble is translated into the refined, finished product. I therefore watched and photographed as a large sheet of marble was carefully measured, cut, polished and installed. This is part of that process: here an edge just cut with a grinding wheel is being polished to a smooth, precision finish.

I will at some later date publish images of the marble in situ.

If your business could use images like this to explain and describe your products and services to your customers, do please get in touch.

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