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Wesley Methodist Church, Frome

Pic of the Week: Frome

Photographing less famous features
A few months ago I was looking on the Frome Facebook page and someone was complaining that photographers – professional and amateur, alike – kept posting photos of the same bits of Frome, usually Catherine Hill or Cheap Street. Well, I’m doing a commercial photoshoot in the town the week, so I thought it apt to post something.

This isn’t part of the shoot I’m doing – those pics are the property of the client – but it is still some part of town less photographed.

This is self-evidently – you can see the sign over the door – the Wesley Methodist Church. It is on Wesley Slope, more or less opposite the Cornerhouse pub. I have no particular reason to shoot this, other than it looked good and lent itself well to a dramatic bit of steeply-angular architectural photography. Plus it was very close to where I was working this week.

So, I hope I have stepped out of the clichés and pleased one or two folk.

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