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The Cloister, Wells Cathedral, Somerset, UK

Somerset Photographer on Home Turf

Ethereal Cathedral precincts…
For this week I have chosen a photograph of somewhere very close to home. I put images on here of all sorts of things: photographs from my commercial and architectural photography commissions and from trips, home and abroad, when I have taken photographs for stock and just for fun. I recent months I seem to have concentrated on vistas from further afield. Time to put that right.

This is from within the grounds of Wells Cathedral – one of my favourite places. This is the cloister next to the main structure. It is of course an irresistible thing to photograph. The way the light from the small-paned stained glass makes gorgeous patterns on the stone floor is very seductive – something no doubt its designers had in mind. Softly-diffused light coming through stained-glass church windows is intended to create a sense of divine mystery and majesty. Such glass often contains a narrative, but not here. That is left to the more ostentatious designs in the main building. This functional space just has occasional green and amber rhomboids to add a little something extra to all of those clear ones. But that is enough. In the right light, at the right time of day, the combination of those subtly shifting shades, topped off with the shadows of those gothic arches creates a sublime abstract painting on the floor.

I have been to the cathedral many times, over a period of years, and taken countless photographs, inside and out. I think I may post more in coming weeks.

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