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So, here I am again with the architectural photography. It’s a thing I do commercially, for stock photography and for my own entertainment. In this example, I couldn’t resist the lovely stacking effect that these houses create when shot through a zoom lens. The houses themselves are already very elegant things, but when photographed in this way they take on an additional abstract quality, that of coloured stripes marching vertically across the composition.

The funky street lights might be seen as interfering with the view of the stylish facades, but I think in a way they enhance the photograph, in that they break up what might otherwise be quite a regimented view – they add an extra layer of interest.

These are town houses in Prague. Facing the river (the Vltava), they must always have been very desirable properties, built on behalf of wealthy local families back in the day. In this day and age, many will no doubt be divided into apartments or converted into hotels, which will be at least equally desirable, given the popularity of Prague as a place to visit and to live in.

Looking closely, you will see various statues dotted around on some of the facades. Prague is a place replete with statues. They are everywhere. I have never been to a place with so many. Whereas here in the UK we are only used to seeing them on significant (usually public) buildings, here they adorn all types of building, even ‘ordinary’ homes. Statuary seems to have been a status symbol in 19th century Prague. The more naked nymphs and damsels your house had on the front of it, the greater your prestige.

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