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Pic of the week: Product Photography

Adding style
For my photograph of the week this time I have chosen a product shot – furniture, to be specific. I have worked with several furniture firms over the last few years, and it is always a pleasure to carefully light a set and to create beautiful photographs of such stylish products. This is from a very recent such photoshoot.

There tend to be two kinds of shot: firstly, straightforward, almost diagrammatic ones, done more or less like mug shots of the product from various different angles, so the customer gets a clear, clinical indication of what they are getting when they order online; then - like this - close-ups of various sorts, to show design detail and give a sense of what it’s like to be up close and personal with these items, in the intimate space of one’s own home. As a photographer and visual artist, it’s the latter I enjoy most, because of the possibility of more creative input, though in truth I enjoy the whole thing as a creative process.

If you or your company could use creative, appealing photography to show off your products online or in paper sales material, in Somerset, Dorset or Wiltshire, or indeed that Bristol-Bath area formerly known as Avon, do please get in touch.