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Pigeon Man, Amsterdam, 2019 Stephen Riley Photography, Somerset, UK

Pic of the week

Taking to the street…
I don’t do an awful lot of street photography, but maybe I should qualify that: I don’t do much of what normally comes under the heading ‘street photography’, since that seems normally to be defined by images of how people interact with public space, or with each other in public space. What I do take a lot of are shots of public space without people in it.

As someone with a keen interest in architecture and architectural photography, and in the photography of William Eggleston, I am more interested in the spaces people create and the things they leave behind in the public domain – the way they leave their mark – than in people themselves. I hope this has more to do with shyness than sociopathy, but I think street photography is best left to those who are experts in that field, like my friend Paul Russell.

So, this week’s pic of the week is something of a rarity, as it has someone in it, on the street, doing stuff in public. I think this guy was busking in some way, using the local pigeons as props. And, naturally for me, I took the shot from the back, but I think it kind of works better like that. I also like the way the pigeon seems to be eyeing me up.

This was in Amsterdam. Hope you like it. Click to enlarge.