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Hotel Dining Room, Somerset.

Pic of the week – interior photography

Making the most of spaces…
I do a lot of interior photography. Sometimes it is for the most obvious destinations, like architects’ practices and interior designers, but I have also done interior shoots for hoteliers, B&Bs and other small-scale accommodation providers, estate and letting agents, and private clients who want to sell their homes via their own means.

Some interiors are stunningly gorgeous and the camera only has to scoop up what’s there to make something spectacular. But, more often, spaces are more modest and it is up to the photographer to look for the best angles, placement of artefacts, lighting and so on, to show things off at their best.

I make sure I do that. I look carefully at each setting and work out the best location to shoot from and the most appropriate light levels. I might take multiple exposures to make the most of the view through the window, as well as what’s in the room. I also often include a few additional shots, of ornaments and other artefacts – scene setters to help project the atmosphere of the space and the personality of the owner. Finally, everything is carefully edited in post production, so images are pin sharp, vertical lines are just that and light levels are balanced.

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