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Architectural Photography

Capturing the essence of buildings…
The best buildings are truly three-dimensional works of art, which deserve to be recorded pictorially with the utmost skill and care. The recent destruction of Notre Dame and the great outpouring of grief, even from atheists, demonstrates how passionately we relate to certain structures, even though our feelings for these things might be hard to articulate. To be present in, or close to, a space is to experience feelings and sensations which are often subliminal and unspoken, but no less real for all that.

Capturing great spaces, significant details and those moments of change that occur as a person or light moves through space are key in recording the essence of a building.

Whether you are an architect, interior designer, or letting and estate sales agent, you need a photographer who has great empathy with architecture to record your work. I am one such. I love architecture; indeed my Masters’ Degree is in Art and Architecture, and the observation and depiction of built spaces has been a fascination since childhood.

Please check out my website and get in touch if you could use my services.

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