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Architectural Photography
Been very busy lately with various kinds of photography, but key amongst these have been product and architectural photography.

This is a case in point. I took a trip to Prague with a couple of cameras in my bag and took many hundreds of shots, some of them real crackers. Not bragging – Prague is such a beautiful place that it’s hard to take a bad photo. But some shots are less obvious than others – I spent time in the less picturesque parts of town, photographing graffiti and more run-down buildings, as well as the beautiful streets and architecture of the old town. This is one of the more obvious more of sorts of photograph – a portrait, really, of one of the city’s most iconic buildings. This is the National Theatre. Completed in 1881, it is a tour de force of classical architecture and one of the buildings that defines Czech culture. It stands on the banks of the River Vltava (the Moldau in other languages and places), celebrated in Ma Vlast by the composer Smetana.

As fabulous as the building is, I enjoy this image as photography: I love the way the use of a wide-angle lens has the building sloping sharply back and up, and the way the overhead cables that power the trams mark out the perspective.

Of course, I take architectural photographs much closer to home, in Somerset and the surrounding areas, of buildings as grand as, or more modest than this, as well as all kinds of other commercial photography. Please get in touch if you could use my work.

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