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Commercial Photography in Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset…
It’s strange; my work seems to go in phases. This time last year I was doing a lot of food and small product photography; now, it seems to divide fairly equally between large product photography and architectural/property photography.

Here’s a pic from a recent shoot, conducted not too far from my Somerset base, just into Wiltshire. This is one of several hundred shots taken of furniture of different types in different set-ups, for the client to use on their website. Some shots show just the individual items of furniture; others, ensembles, featuring tables, chairs and various accoutrements.

Used were various studio strobe lights, adjusted to get a subtle spread of light, and a tripod-mounted top-notch Nikon camera and lens. The point being both to make appealing shots and to give clear information to the client's potential customers on the qualities and features of the products.

If you could use quality commercial or architectural photography in Somerset, Dorset or Wiltshire, do please get in touch.

Click on image to enlarge. Please note: this website only permits small images - 700 pixels long side. The original photos are much larger - 6000 pixels long side - and are therefore of much better quality than can be shown here. Please enquire for samples.