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Recent work: Product Photography - Furniture

Working in Wiltshire this week...
Product photography seems to play a large part in what I do lately, and this week was no exception. I do product shoots from tiny things such as jewellery and collectors' items, through to sizeable things, like furniture. This is from a recent shoot for a furniture firm based in Wiltshire, just a few miles south of my base in Bruton, Somerset.

Finished pictures, like this, belie the amount of work that goes in beforehand. It all seems so natural and serene once concluded, but a good deal of spadework has gone in to make this possible, and the efforts of more than just me, the photographer. The set had to be created, the lighting had to be chosen, placed and balanced, then the items themselves had to be prepared - made pristine clean and dressed in suitably enhancing accessories. Then, of course, many different items of furniture were photographed, to make the everyone's time viable. And decisions about light level have to be considered repeatedly as the different products were introduced: enough light to make the scene visible, but subdued enough to create a welcoming, homely atmosphere.

But I do not just do product photography: I do many kinds of work including architecture, property photography, corporate work, construction sites, images for travel and tourism, prints for d├ęcor and much more.

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