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American Limousine, Florida

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American Muscle Car
I guess it's no longer fashionable to celebrate big American gas-guzzling cars, in these days when we need more than ever to take care of the planet. However, I still have a soft spot for these big old things, and this was shot a while ago. If nothing else, I think they are - or can be - things of beauty; great, shiny steel sculptures floating serenely down the street. Or maybe it is still too soon to see them that way - things that have just gone out of fashion are generally seen as ugly and an example of design having gone awry, but eventually nostalgia sets in and we see them as beautiful again. Having said all that, I'm anything but a car buff and could not even tell you the make and model of this beast; as an artist, it's the aesthetics that appeal. And on that basis, of course, I also give myself the right to tweak the editing a bit, to give it that slightly magical glow.

PS.Coming back to this after initial posting: I have done a bit of research, and if I'm right, this is a 1970s Cadillac Eldorado Convertible. And if that is the case, it has either a 7 Litre or 8.2 Litre engine and does about 11 miles to the gallon! Gas-guzzler indeed!