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Not Expensive Enough?!

Paying too much for your architectural photography? Read on…

I had a fascinating enquiry this week from a firm seeking prices for architectural photography. The enquirer seemed quite taken aback by how competitive my prices were, compared to other quotes. There was then an odd, palpable moment of suspicion, that maybe the trade-off was that my work was not up to the same standard. So, in the event that anyone else has the same misgivings, let me explain a few things here.

  • I am not cheap; I am competitive and good value.

  • I am a sole trader, with no staffing-related overheads.

  • I have no High Street presence, again saving on expensive overheads.

  • For these reasons you get great quality work at a reasonable rate.

As regards experience and quality:

I have a life-long fascination with buildings and architecture. Exploration of the meanings and atmospheres of places and spaces has always been part of my work. I have a deep visual and emotional understanding of the aesthetics of buildings and other man-made structures – my Masters’ Degree was in Art and Architecture. My first commissions for architectural photography came from a specialist architectural component manufacturer in 1989. These were for photographs of new, state-of-the-art, postmodern office buildings in Salford Quays and Warrington. My photographs have since been commissioned and used by contractors, hoteliers, real estate agents, interior designers, homeowners and more, and published on websites and in various print-media outlets, including Dorset Life, Architecture Today and Homebuilding and Renovating magazine. Others of my images are sold on Adobe’s stock photography site, Fotolia.

So, all can say is: check out the images on this site, and ask me for more if you’d like to see further examples – maybe in chosen specific styles, if that’s what you need. Or maybe you’d like to ask me about the cameras and lenses I’ll be using. Or perhaps you would like to see some of these images larger – this website only uses fairly small files. Or maybe you would like to see references. All of this is possible and not a problem.

And finally, I don’t mind charging more, if that makes you feel better!