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The thin house, Tettnang.

Pic of the week – the thin house

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I suppose it’s a good moment to mention Germany in my weekly photo-blog, with their having been just (and unusually, at this stage) knocked out of the World Cup.

I am a fairly frequent visitor to Germany; quite an unusual thing for a Brit I suppose. The wars precipitated by our competing empire-builders at the beginning of the twentieth century have made our relationship a very particular one. But it is an amazing country, as rich in history, architecture, the arts and natural splendour as any, and of course, a place of endless fascination for a photographer.

This is one of so many eye-catching things. It isn't really that thin and wouldn’t appear so were it not detached. Many terraced houses are no wider, but something about the detachment of this, and the vertical lines in its make-up, seem to me to give it this teetering, almost toy-town, sort of quality.

This is in Tettnang, which although it sounds like it ought to be in Vietnam, is in fact close to the shores of Lake Constance in southern Germany