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A sunflower in Somerset

Pic of the Week: Sunflower

Capturing the light in Somerset
I thought, with us having had a period of pretty un-English if not unseasonable weather, something to do with the sun might be a good theme for this week. So here we have it: a sunflower.

It is not an unusual subject for a visual artist to depict. Something about the sunflower's near-human proportions makes it a focal point for poetic and anthropomorphic interpretation. Van Gogh's sunflowers come most immediately to mind, but there is painting of a dying sunflower by Mondrian - from before he went all geometric - which is powerfully redolent of aspects of the human condition; it looks like an old man or woman who, weighed down by memories, does not have long left on this earth.

Here, I hope I have given the subject a more upbeat interpretation, catching the flower in its prime and looking resplendent in the bright sunshine.

But, I take photographs of many more things than this and have a particular interest in commercial and architectural photography, so if you could use an amazing photographer to create images to make your business stand out from the crowd, please give me a call.