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My photographs now available on Redbubble

Cards, prints, stickers, T Shirts and more...
I am pleased to announce that some of my work is now available to purchase from Redbubble.

Redbubble takes photographs and designs and makes them available in all kinds of things: greetings cards, posters, T-shirts, singlets, dresses, stickers, phone cases and skins, phone wallets, pillows, laptop cases of various sorts, mugs, bags, notebooks, clocks and more.

The above image is available in those various forms here.

My presence on Redbubble is under the name Kiss Studios Design (click thru'), in order to accommodate the other things I do – fine art and graphic design - as well as photography.

Redbubble offers just a few of my works at the moment, but that will grow over time. Please check in now and then to see what's new.

None of this changes what I offer via this site. Photographic prints will continue to be available directly from me, and of course, I continue to offer photography as a service defined by clients' specific requirements.