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Getting things straight
I had a conversation with an architect friend recently, who told me about a friend of hers who had been struggling to get a decent photograph of an interior. She had spent a day at it and still not been satisfied with the results. To a professional photographer, this is not a surprise. The proliferation, first, of cheap, reasonable quality digital cameras, and then phone cameras, has created the impression that good photography is easy to achieve. Whereas digital photography does make things easier than film did, there is no doubt that some kinds of photography remain tricky. Interior photography is one of them. Without our noticing it, our eyes adjust to the characteristics of a room as we scan around it. The camera does not see in the same way.

For one thing, the camera can only see within what the scope of the lens will permit. For another, it will shoot for average light levels, meaning some areas will be underexposed, whilst others will be overexposed, and that beautiful garden outside will vanish into a white haze.

Another problem stems from the fact that lenses are round, so unless you know how to deal with it, your walls and other vertical lines will be curved in the finished photograph.

A professional photographer knows how to deal with all of these problems, to get as much of the room in shot as possible, to even-out the spread of light and to straighten bendy walls.

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