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The Conduit, Sherborne, Dorset

Pic of the week – crossing the border

Somerset AND Dorset AND Wiltshire

This is a shot from a recent trip to Sherborne. I post photographs of my local berth, Somerset, more than anything, but I am mobile throughout Dorset and West Wiltshire too, so here’s one from one of my sorties into Hardy country. Not that it’s much of a big deal for me, as I lived in Dorset for a dozen or so years before coming to Bruton.

This is The Conduit at the bottom of South Street. It is a place where monks used to wash, hence its rather unlikely name, and it was a bit of a nightmare to photograph.

The camera wanted either to work with the dark shadows of the interior, or the bright sunlight of the exterior – not both – and it took shooting RAW and quite a bit of HDR-esque manipulation to make both visible. Looking on Google, one can see many photographs of Sherborne, but none of this view. I can understand why few would wish to try it.

Details of the shot: ISO400, f5.6, 1/50th second and 20mm focal length, hand-held. With hindsight and if I were taking this photograph for professional purposes, for a client, I would used a tripod, take multiple photographs and blend them in the digital editing process.