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A cool day in Wells, Somerset


This is one of those photographs done more for my own entertainment than for commercial purposes. This was taken whilst pottering around Wells – one of my favourite places – and even though spring was notionally with us, it was still a pretty cool, overcast day, as I think the photo captures. So, by saying it was a ‘cool’ day, I mean that literally, not metaphorically.

Wells is, of course, a place well known for its stunning ancient architecture – its cathedral in particular – but as I have photographed the cathedral and other ancient parts of town many times, it was a refreshing change to just look at the more vernacular architecture and enjoy the shapes and textures of the ordinary buildings and objects.

The technical stuff: ISO200, 20mm focal length, f8, 1/60th, hand-held, and of course desaturated from full colour in order to focus more on the shapes and tonal variations.
Cables, Rooftops and Church, Wells, Somerset