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Mobile Sculpture - American Pick-Up Truck

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Off the road, on the road
I am a member of BNI, the business networking organisation – Somerset ‘Borders’/Wincanton chapter – and one of the great pleasures of membership, in addition to the fellowship of other members and a very fine breakfast every Friday morning, is the fact that its meetings are held at Haynes Motor Museum in Sparkford. That means that every time I breeze through the lobby to the meeting room, I pass a selection of wonderfully preserved and very rare cars. And this week, that gave me the inspiration to use one of my photographs of a motor vehicle for my pic of the week.

Having said all that, as much as I enjoy the aesthetics of cars and driving them, I know precious little about them in terms of their history or mechanics. So I can’t tell you much about this, other than it is a pick-up truck – I think that sawn-off quality is just visible down the side – and it is a Chevrolet; that much is visible from the logo. I just liked the way it looked, quietly rusting away in someone’s yard.

The photograph was taken on a trip to Florida – this is in Key West, not far from Ernest Hemmingway’s beautiful art deco house, which I also photographed. It was shot at f8, 1/200th and ISO 400. Clearly, I have used the relatively high ISO to deal with the fact that the truck is in a good deal of shadow, being in the shade of abundant tropical foliage.