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Driver Dog. Stephen Riley, Photographer Somerset

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I don’t imagine this requires much of a write-up - a photograph taken as a bit of fun and which speaks for itself. I may take a huge amount of photographs for commercial clients, but that does not diminish my pleasure in taking photographs for recreation, for my own entertainment. I take a camera with me whenever possible, as it seems to me that the world is full of fascination, that the ordinary and mundane things people do on the street can turn into something special if you care to look.

This was shot a few years ago on quite an old camera which I no longer use. Nevertheless, within its capabilities and with a bit of help from digital software, it has been able to deal with the low light and the strong contrasts posed by this shadowy subject on a bright sunny day. The photograph was shot at ISO 400, f9, 1/200th, focal length 53mm.

Stephen Riley Creative Photography - Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset