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Dovecote v Dog, Bruton, Somerset. Photographer Stephen Riley

Bruton in the Snow

Home turf obliterated by the white stuff
'Faced the Siberian chill this week to get some lovely shots of my home town, shrouded in white. Well, it wasn't all white - bits where it had been ploughed and gritted took on a different hue, but you get the idea.

There are lots more shots from the day. Please see click-thru: Bruton

The challenges in the shoot were various: firstly, staying warm and committing yourself to giving the camera the necessary concentration, as the cold starts to penetrate your clothes and boots and you start to wish you were in front of the fire with a hot mug of tea in your hands. Secondly, keeping the lens free of airborne snow - although it wasn't actually snowing at the time, a fierce wind was whipping-up flakes from roofs and trees. Thirdly, getting the right exposure - the camera wants to pitch itself at an average level of light, and all that white stuff makes it close down and under-expose. Shooting 'RAW' helps unpick that later in the editing process.