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Need a Commercial Photographer in Bridgwater?

Hinkley C making Somerset a busy place...
And not just Bridgwater: I provide photographic services throughout Somerset, as well as much of Dorset and Wiltshire, but I thought I should focus on Bridgwater specifically this week, as it is now frequently in the news.

Being the closest large town to Hinkley, where the new nuclear power station – Hinkley Point C – is under development, it has become a very busy place. The huge numbers of people involved in the development and the many necessary support services have produced an economic boost in the area, as well as bringing less welcome effects, including a strain on roads and housing.

But if you are the owner of one of the businesses made busy by the development, you may have a need for a photographer to help market what you do. Whether you are a hotel or B&B owner or letting agent providing accommodation, a caterer supplying food and drinks, a contractor erecting the structures, an industrialist providing specialist machinery, a haulier keeping things moving, or any of many other essential services – from the tiny to the massive – I can help make your website and print-media more attractive and engaging, by providing great-looking publicity and sales shots. Please give me a call if you can use my services.