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Medieval Wall and Path Stephen Riley Photographer Somerset

Historic Architecture

A Somerset Photographer out and about…

I’ve chosen this as my photograph of the week, for what I hope are obvious reasons. I like the shot for its apparently simplicity – just a wall, an old cast iron drainpipe and a Victorian style street lamp. But I also like the way the wall wears its history, in the way it is bent and buckled by centuries of stress and subsidence, and by the presence of one or more bricked-up doorways. I always find these fascinating, because they make you wonder what went on there and why it was changed, and when, and who passed through those doorways all those years ago.

I also like the soft, subtle shadows on the worn sandstone path; the meeting of what is hard, heavy and permanent, and what is untouchable, weightless and fleeting. It’s one of the things I love about photography, that it can find beauty in what might otherwise be passed by and ignored.

Of course, it helps that I am an architecture fan and find fascination in all kinds of architecture, from the small and vernacular to the vast and magnificent – it’s all vertical, three-dimensional art to me.

I won’t say where this is – I think it helps focus on the beauty of a thing if it is seen for its aesthetic self rather than as ‘a place I recognise’, which tends to short-circuit the reading – other than to say that it is somewhere in merry (southern) England, and somewhere not too far away from my Somerset home.

The uses for a photograph like this? I think it could be used for tourism purposes, as wall art, or as a paperback cover.