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What’s on the menu this week

Commercial Photography Somerset
This week has been mostly about product photography – food photography, more specifically, and – vegans look away now – meat photography, even more specifically. I was asked to take photographs of various cuts of meat by a Somerset farm, for a website which will offer assorted packages of fresh meat.

The many different kinds of photography come with their own particular challenges. It is an indicator of the complexity of food photography that sometimes a specialist food stylist is employed to work alongside the photographer to prepare the food and have it look its best for the shoot (even if doing so often renders it inedible). On this occasion, we decided we could live without that and worked out our own ways of showing the products at their best.

We used a variety of different surfaces, on which to display the meat, and used various lighting configurations, changing light level and angles to suit the different settings. We also supplemented the cuts of meat with utensils, herbs, vegetables and such, to give context. On some shots - like the example shown here - a short depth of field was used, to pick out certain aspects and create atmosphere.

The results looked a real treat and the client was delighted. The shot here is just one example. It would be good to show other examples on another day, as they were done in various different ways with different effects.

If you could use this kind of photography for your business, please get in touch.