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Fishermen, Dorset. Photographer - Stephen Riley

Fishermen, Dorset

Photographing local life in Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire.
This was taken at the pier in Swanage – the area I cover as a photographer includes Dorset, as well as Wiltshire and my home county, Somerset. I was standing on the deck of a boat when I took the shot – hence the angle from which it was taken and my being able to get so close to the end of the pier. Conveniently, the anglers had their rods set out at those various different angles, which help create a satisfying composition.

Boat trips run from Poole to Swanage and other nearby towns and attractions, and I was taking advantage of one of those to get out with the camera and record sights not visible from land. On another such trip I got some great shots of Brownsea Island – I must publish some of those online one day. The beach on the side facing away from the mainland is very peaceful and beautiful.

This photograph has been given a bit of tweaking, post-production, to create the effects you see here. An original full-colour shot has been desaturated to a degree and some vignetting has been added to produce a more atmospheric effect.

For the technically minded, this was photographed at ISO200, 105mm, f20, 125th/sec on a Nikon DSLR. It is only reproduced at 700px long side, here, as that is the required size for this website.