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Shimmering beads of light
A nice shot of cool drinks with condensation clinging to the sides always holds a certain attraction. I can’t help, as I write, thinking of the movie ‘Ice Cold in Alex’, and that moment at the end when the exhausted travellers down their log-awaited, cold, delicious lagers, but not before savouring for a moment the beauty of the glasses with the chilled, amber liquid inside and the gathering droplets on the outside – anticipation is part of the pleasure.

Here, it’s coke not lager, and it’s part consumed. This has the effect of creating more variation in tone and colour, as do the ice and the slice of lemon. The shot also uses the raised lettering as the focal point, with other aspects drifting off out of focus, drawing attention to the classic styling the brand uses, which differs little from the design used in the 1890s.

This was just an impromptu shot. Done seriously, it would no doubt have more product in the glass and be more carefully staged, though I rather like the effects of available light in this photograph. Plus, we photographers have techniques and media for putting more and more carefully-placed ‘condensation’ on drinks glasses, so nothing is left to chance.

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