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Modernist Architecture - Hotel, Spain. Photographer: Stephen Riley, Somerset, UK

Modernist Architecture
Architectural Photography Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire

Cool Modernist gem on the warm Mediterranean.
This photograph was taken on a recent trip to Spain and shows a detail from a hotel which nestles in a cove next to the Mediterranean. Its style borrows, as much Modernist architecture does, from traditional North African adobe buildings.

What I particularly liked about this design was that it had these rather beautiful curved balconies, and it retained a hint of the adobe finishes to which is indebted, in the hand-finished, softly-curved top edges of the balconies (not visible in this shot - maybe I'll get around to posting some of the photographs which catch that feature in coming weeks). Even though the building necessarily has the repetition and functionality synonymous with Modernist architecture, it largely eschews the hard edges with which it is associated.

I have not been able to find out who designed the building or what their reasoning was, but it is hard not to suspect that, also, the sea and waves and, possibly, even billowing sails were being referenced in the architects’ thinking, when the balcony shapes were being chosen.

For the technically-minded, the photograph was taken at ISO 200, 18mm, f22 and 125th/second.