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Saturn Five Command Module, Florida, USA.

Space Capsule

Taking Flight in Florida
A photograph from a few years ago, this is the astronauts’ capsule - or 'Command Module' - from the Saturn 5 rocket – the one used for travelling to the Moon. This is in the Cape Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The rocket itself, which is behind this capsule, is huge. I know we expect them to be, but when you actually stand next to it, it is overwhelming. It is suspended on its side, so you are able to get close up to it along all its length. It fills its no-doubt purpose-built hangar. I have other shots which capture its impressive heft, but I particularly liked this symmetrical, end-on one. Clearly, the highly polished surface is for practical reasons, but it also creates something very aesthetically pleasing, and I have given it a few tweaks in the editing process to bring that out.