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A snail in a Somerset garden. Photographer: Stephen Riley

Creature Close-Up

Wild – well, a bit – in the country
A change from my usual sorts of post, this is a super-close-up, done with a macro lens. The snail was tiny - even smaller than it looks - probably little more than half an inch across its shell. Perhaps this is illustrated by the delicacy of the foliage supporting its weight and the detail on the vertical stem, which looks almost microscopic.

I normally busy myself with architectural and large product photography, but I do veer into other areas too. Manufacturers and retailers of small products, such as jewellery, find this kind of accurate, detailed photography useful.

I have little knowledge of wildlife, so I have no idea what kind of snail it is. I’m assuming it’s some sort of southern-English common or garden type. It was photographed in the Somerset countryside.