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Dock Worker, Oman. Stephen Riley Photography, Bruton, Somerset.

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Gather ye bunting while ye may
I thought this might make a change from all the politicking going on at the moment: a bit of photography just for its own sake.

Taken on a trip to Oman in the not-too-distant past, I enjoyed this shot mainly for its formal qualities: the hard diagonals meeting the soft human form, bundling up his bunting in the middle, and the few bright red interjections into the dim grey of the scene overall. But I think there's also something quite human about it, in the isolation of the worker in all that grey indifference - something that no doubt an existentialist thinker would pick up on.

This photograph is in fact one of hundreds taken on that trip. I'd half-forgotten about them, but there are many other worthwhile shots - it is a resource worth mining. I will post more here in the future and send some off for stock.