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Wide angle lens does the trick
This is from a recent property photography session, featuring interior and exterior shots. It was in fact in Wiltshire on that particular occasion, but I cover Somerset and much of Dorset too.

The room was bright and had a relaxed atmosphere, and I wanted to capture that, as well as its spaciousness. The decor was pale throughout, so it was important to strike a balance: to create an image bright enough to catch the airy feel of the room, but not so bright that it became overwhelming. I used a super-wide-angled lens to get in as much of the space as possible, then used digital editing software to correct the angles, getting all of the verticals perfectly upright.

I think it has worked out rather well. The photograph shows the full breadth of the room, as well as the slate floor and beamed roof space. Even a bit of the dining table in the foreground has crept in. The wood-burning stove and patio doors, which are at opposite corners of the space, are both caught by the 12mm lens. The pale decor is nicely balanced: it has a hint of shadow and is not too stark.

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The images on this site are set at just 700 pixels long side. However, I use 24 megapixel cameras, so I can provide very large photographic files, suitable for almost all purposes.