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Foxham Farmhouse cottages. Property Photography Somerset and Wiltshire

Property Photographer on the road in Wiltshire and Somerset.

Interiors, architecture and details
My recent projects have been mostly product and property photography. The shot presented here is from Foxham Farmhouse holiday cottages near Devizes in Wiltshire.

Two holidays lets have been lovingly created in a converted single-storey outhouse, adjacent to the main building. The rooms are light and airy, and a great deal of care has been given to detail, to create a contemporary but homely feel. More photographs can be seen in my Architectural and Property Photography section.

Interior photography presents its own particular challenges for a photographer. Getting light to spread evenly around the space is one; capturing enough of the room in one shot is another. I use a combination of available and artificial light, depending on the circumstances of each shoot, and a lens wide enough to cope with every eventuality. Photographs are then finished in specialist digital software, to remove any distortion and to produce crisp, straight vertical lines.

As well as taking shots of each room and the exterior of the building, I also took close-ups of the details and ornamentation that help give the cottages their character. Some of these can be seen in the section mentioned above.

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