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Wide-angle lens for interior photography

Need Property Photography? Then you’ll need one of these.

Wide-angle lens, for architectural, property and interior photography
I am very pleased to announce that I have just taken delivery of one of these: a super-wide-angle lens - a Tokina SD 12-28 AT-X Pro.

I do a lot of property and architectural photography, and it is vital to have a lens that goes wide enough to capture a whole room from within that room. I have always had a lens that went down to 18mm, which is great for most purposes and the size many recommend for interiors, but the new one goes even further: as wide as 12mm, which is about as far as you can go without getting that ‘fish-eye’ effect and covers just about every eventuality.

The optical quality of the lens is amazing too. Photography expert Ken Rockwell describes it thus: “Optically, this Tokina lens is unsurpassed .... it has less distortion and focuses as close or closer than the others, too. If you simply want the best optics, toughest package or most practical zoom range, get this Tokina” (see

So, if you need quality property, architectural or interior photography, please give me a call: 0794 175 9877 or