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Architectural photography in Bath (c) Stephen Riley Photography, Somerset

Have camera will travel

Property / Architectural Photography in Wiltshire

So anyway, this week’s work has been mostly about property/architectural photography.

I did a shoot of holiday homes, which had been lovingly, newly created from old outbuildings on a farm in Wiltshire. The photo shown here isn’t from that shoot – those are the property of the people who commissioned them. This is one of many I took in Bath a couple of months ago, placed here just for your visual pleasure. Nice, isn’t it.

The trick with property photography is to have at least two lenses: a very wide-angled one for interiors, and one of more regular proportions for exteriors and close-ups. The wide-angled one enables you to get a good overall take on a room. It is then useful if the other lens can go from zoom, via mid-range, to relatively wide, so that you can get a range of impressions of other aspects of the property, including the building overall and architectural details.

The shot shown here was taken on a 24-120 zoom set at its widest, in order to create that dramatic vertical perspective.