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Barker. Stephen Riley Photography, Somerset

Why you won’t reach Stephen Riley Photography on Bark or Bidvine

Come to the source
Stephen Riley Photography features on many listings sites and no doubt shows up on Bark and Bidvine. However, enquirers should know that I do not respond to enquiries that come via those sites, and here’s the reason: Bark and Bidvine charge suppliers just to engage with potential customers. Thus, I could spend hundreds of pounds each week chasing work I never get. I don’t mind paying commission – advertisers need to be paid, too – but these outfits work the other way round: every responding supplier pays commission, but only one gets the job. From their perspective, it’s great business: scores, maybe hundreds of suppliers throw a tenner their way just for the right to quote. They can earn hundreds from one enquiry that will turn into nothing for all but one of those who responds. Indeed, the enquiry might go dead: the enquirer might change their mind or find a supplier via another means, but Bark and Bidvine still get paid, regardless. So, if you want a great photographer and to deal directly, please contact me directly: 0794 175 9877 or