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A Fountain, 2016. Stephen Riley - Photographer, Somerset

A Moment Frozen in Time

Water frozen, but not ice…
Just a bit of fun or self-entertainment, this one. It’s not the kind of photography I normally indulge in, but I couldn’t resist seeing what the camera could do with this cascading water at a rapid exposure.

This photograph was taken with the lens at 70mm focal length, ISO200, f5.6 and 1/640th exposure time. The last factor is, of course, the crucial bit. In such a short space of time the water is mostly at a standstill. One of the endless succession of waves that falls over the side of the fountain is now a watery membrane and each of the droplets that only exists as a discrete entity for an instant is preserved for ever, or at least for as long as this digital image lasts.

This website loads images up at just 700 pixels long side, so the real definition of the photograph is hard to discern. Nevertheless, it gives some idea of just what modern digital cameras are capable of.